Decks and Fences

There can be no more frustrating task than trying to repair or rebuild a deck or fence by yourself during your precious weekends and holidays.

Our skilled carpenters are happy to tackle these types of projects for you year round and will even offer you a discount to do the work during the fall, winter, and spring months when our painting schedule is less heavy. We will help you to select a design and material that fits your budget and provide you with the most accurate info possible with regard to coatings and maintenance so that you don’t find yourself painting and repainting every year.

When it comes to coating your decking and fence material, we encourage our clients to allow wood surfaces to weather for three to six months in order to allow the natural oils and tannins in the wood to cure and the wood grain to open, which allows for better “bite” when the exterior coatings are applied.  In almost no scenario will we ever recommend painting exposed wood decks, rails, steps, or fences as impermeable acrylic coatings will tend to cause more moisture issues and rot than they prevent.  Instead, we recommend using breathable coatings that repel moisture without trapping it, such as penetrating tansparent, semi-transparent, and solid body stains.